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Wil Wheaton reviews TNG

Y’all remember Wil Wheaton? He was Gordie in Stand By Me, Wesley in The Next Generation, then disappeared, then started blogging, wrote some books, …

Now he’s reviewing Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes (contains spoilers). The first is now available.

Wil’s resentment of how the writers treated his character on TNG has been known for a long time. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the review is Wil discussing the lines he was given:

[….] I also got to say lines like, “So you mean I’m drunk? I feel strange, but also good!” In fact, John D.F. Black — who I didn’t realize at the time hated me — also wrote Justice, where he gave me the awesome line, “We’re from Starfleet! We don’t lie!” Thanks for that one, too, Mr. Black.

But the review is not just snarking agains former bosses, it is a real review. It contains a synopsis (spoilers, beware!), a personal behind-the-scenes memory, a (very!) memorable quote, and an interesting take on the “bottom line”.

I’ve always liked Wil’s writing. This one is not an exception.

Finnish Lyhyet

Teeveessä tänään Pirk

Keisari Pirkin vaaliohjelma nähdään tänään torstaina 27.7.2006 klo 20 ykkösellä.


The Finland Show

Conanin Suomi-jakso tänään Subilla.

(Ja jos siltä jakson jälkeen tuntuu, voi hyvin jäähdytellä lukemalla tekemääni transkriptiota Arto Nybergin Conan-haastattelusta.)


Transcript of an interview of Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien came to Finland on Saturday to shoot some stuff for his show. Today, he was a last-minute guest in one of our national-television talk shows. The interview lasted for about fifteen minutes. I made a transcript.

An excerpt:

Arto Nyberg: So how are your feelings now, when you remember yesterday’s crowd waiting for you outside the airport?

Conan O’Brien: I’m still getting over it, that was a high point of my life because I’ve never…

Arto Nyberg: Be honest.

Conan O’Brien: I’m being honest, I’ve never… I’ve been in front of some happy, excited crowds before, but the intensity of that reaction, there were, I think, several thousand people… I’m just going to say fifty thousand… I don’t know if that’s the exact number, but let’s go with eighty thousand.

Arto Nyberg: Let’s…

Conan O’Brien: There were many, many people at the airport, and they were extremely excited, and they were very nice, and they seemed to genuinely like the show and… like what we’re doing, and I was excited.

Arto Nyberg: Did you expect one hundred thousand people coming greet you?


Huomenna teeveessä…

Poimintoja keskiviikon 1.2.2006 televisio-ohjelmistosta:

Hrm. IMDB on näköjään parantanut TV-sarjojen tukeaan. Kiva.