A note on Planet Haskell policy

I quote from the Planet Haskell FAQ:

A common misunderstanding about Planet Haskell is that it republishes only Haskell content. That is not its mission. A Planet shows what is happening in the community, what people are thinking about or doing. Thus Planets tend to contain a fair bit of “off-topic” material. Think of it as a feature, not a bug.

As such, it is my policy, as a Planet Haskell editor, to encourage people to give us their general feed, unless there are specific reasons to do otherwise (see the FAQ for discussion). People who do that have no selective control over what posts are republished by Planet Haskell – what they post, we republish.

The reason behind this policy is given in the quote. To spell it out: A Planet is not a scholarly journal, nor is it a discussion forum. It is a way for people to read the blogs of like-minded people. Blogs are their authors’ podiums for pontificating on whatever they like; I as a Planet Haskell editor only care about whether they are Haskell people, not (in general) about the content of their specific posts.

If you have issues with that policy, talk to us at Please do not harass individual posters with comments like “Why did you post this on Planet Haskell?”