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I’ve been pretty much unable to pursue any of my hobby projects for a couple of months now. One of the reasons was my move (1, 2), which thankfully is now done!

I lived in student housing for almost nine years, from September 1997 until June 2006. The first three years I lived in a three-person shared apartment, and in May 2000 I moved to a two-person apartment. All this time my flatmates were assigned by the housing foundation without consulting me. Most of them were pretty decent, and none of them was really bad, but at the end I just couldn’t take it any more. When I got my last flatmate last September, I got so stressed about it that I started getting home-phobia. It was time to start thinking about moving out.

In May, I found a rather nice place. It is a studio apartment with 31 square meters of living space, and includes a full bath, a small kitchen and an alcove, with a very nice view of forest and cutting. It is located less than 200 meters from my old place, and a little higher up the hill, with a much nicer view. The rent is very nice, and in general there is little to complain about the place. Did I mention the view yet?

On June 1, I got my keys and brought in my spring mattress. The old place was not packed up yet, so I spent a lot of time there, but also shopped around for stuff for the new place, including a beautiful lamp. You’ve seen this picture already, but just to remind people, this is where I slept the first three weeks:

[A picture of the alcove with a mattresss and a lamp.]

My father visited me for a few days in the middle of June, and between the two of us we managed to pack up most of the old place. Father also disassembled my furniture, and we moved most of the pieces over.

My mother then visited me on the Juhannus weekend. Neither of us have a car, so we moved a lot of stuff by sheer muscle power. She also installed the curtains that she had brought for me from her storage, and reassembled most of the furniture.

The last week of June I spent moving stuff by muscle power, but it wasn’t enough, so Mother came back on June 30, helping cleaning up the old place, and Father visited again with a car and helped move the rest of my stuff. Mother also installed more curtains: in the following picture, she is sowing the curtains to make them be of the correct length:


So, thanks to my parents’ immense help, I now have a hugely nice studio apartment:

[A picture of the alcove as it is now]

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Congrats! That’s a cozy room!

Isn’t the feeling of having finally settled down wonderful? I moved last year and I clearly remember the feeling of accomplishement after finishing the last details.


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