I have inhibitions

There is a particular issue about which I am incapable of expressing my opinion. I do have an opinion about it, and I have developed it quite a bit in my own head over the years. However, if I try to voice it, something in me tells me not to.

There is another issue about which I am capable of expressing my opinion, but I choose not to. It is a highly controversial topic, and it is very likely that if I expressed my opinion about it, it would be interpreted as being another opinion, which I do not hold.

I do not know whether to call that Wittgenstein’s curse or not.

4 thoughts on “I have inhibitions

  1. Is the first issue “I’m not sure if I can use the term ‘Wittgenstein‚Äôs curse’ to describe my not wanting to express my opinion about a controversial topic’ “? (:

  2. No. The Wittgenstein reference was more about the first paragraph than the second.

    (In any case, in case anyone is wondering, neither of the paragraphs refer to any Finnish or free-software political controversy.)

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