Some things to avoid when triaging other people’s bugs

DO NOT send your query for more information only to That address (almost) never reaches the submitter. (The correct address is – or you can CC the submitter directly.)

DO NOT close a bug just because your query “can you still reproduce it” has not been promptly answered.

And, actually:

DO NOT close a bug if you do not have the maintainer’s permission to do so. You may, if you wish, state in the bug logs that you think the bug should be closed.

This ends today’s public service announcement. Thank you for your attention.

2 thoughts on “Some things to avoid when triaging other people’s bugs

  1. I agree entirely with the first two points. However, it does sometimes make sense for a triager to close bugs under certain narrow circumstances. For example:

    * If the bug definitely duplicates an already-closed bug, in which case merging it with the closed bug (and closing it as a result) seems fine.

    * If the bug includes a clear procedure for reproducing the bug, and following that procedure precisely does not reproduce the bug on the current version.

    * If the maintainer attempted to close the bug and got the bug number or the syntax wrong. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this post. I have suffered the first item (not being notified) as a submitter multiple times. This currently is a problem.

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