New year

Thirty years ago I was not born yet.

Twenty-five years ago I was having an adventure in the student village.

Twenty years ago I lived in a red house (there was no potato farm, though).

Fifteen years ago I started noticing politics. (It was hard not to.)

Ten years ago I was nearly burned out because of both the demands of school and all the extracurricular activities I enjoyed.

Five years ago I was doing my best to graduate to Bachelor’s Degree.

Four years ago I had succeeded.

Three years ago I had just finished my Master’s Degree.

Two years ago I was trying to expand my Master’s Thesis into a postgraduate Licentiate’s Thesis. I eventually got sick of the topic.

One year ago I had just barely lost my first elections and was fretting about getting elected as one of the local district court’s lay judges.

Six months ago I was fretting about going to Debconf.
Today, I’ve been thinking about tidying my room.

In 2006, I hope to graduate to Licentiate’s Degree.

I also hope I will be able to make some good progress in some of my bigger hobby projects. And to teach good courses. Maybe even improve dctrl-tools further.
Happy new year 2006!

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