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RFH: dctrl-tools — Command-line tools to process Debian package information

I request assistance with maintaining the dctrl-tools package.

There are several tasks that could use more manpower (in no particular order):

  • Writing test cases
    One could mine the BTS for past bug reports and create regression tests for them.
    One could use standard black-box and white-box testing techniques to generate general tests.
  • Writing documentation
    The whole suite of tools could use a unified tutorial manual on how to best use it. The current documentation is reference material in the man pages.
  • Internationalise the man pages
    Use po4a?
  • Swatting the BTS wishlist entries
    I’ve kept the BTS clean of actual bugs pretty well, but there are a number of wishlist reports still outstanding.
  • Take over maintaining the debian/ directory
    If you commit to maintaining it (and I trust your judgment), you’ll get last say in that part of the package (including deciding what helper to use).
  • Whatever you wish 🙂
    Discuss on the dctrl-tools-devel mailing list first though.

Eventually I’d like to pass the package on to competent successors, but I have too much emotional attachment to the package to do that without a transitional period where I still retain a veto on what goes in the package. I also have some ideas for future tools that I’d like to be
able to concentrate on, and having co-maintainers might allow that.

The package is now under Git in collab-maint. See the new README.Debian for information and a push-access code of conduct.

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