PLB – A Brainwashing Tape from the Future

Kuuntele A Brainwashing Tape from the Future (2:10)
Kuunteleminen vaatii Ogg Vorbis -tuen.

PLB on Atte Romo (lausunta, soolokitara, mix) ja Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho (rytmikitara, digitaalinen jälkikäsittely).

A Brainwashing Tape from the Future
(also known as My Advice)

san. Atte Romo, säv. Atte Romo ja Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho

Let me tell you something
When I was young
I kept thinking
“When does life begin?”

Then I got sick in my mind
And I made it
And slowly I learned
To live life as it is

So I have my big fear
But as least I have
Something to wrestle with

But I’m no longer asking
“When does life begin?”
’cause I no longer take
The fact that everything is fine
For granted

I lost my mind
But I cope I get along
And if anything,
Talking got me through

And I see that a lot of people
Right now
Are asking that very same question
“When does life begin?”

Maybe they haven’t suffered enough
Lost enough, maybe?

But there are a lot of people
That see the sun coming up
And thank for each rising day

That thank that they get to live
Even though they know they’re not perfect
Nobody is

But they have no option
And somehow we can heal each other
And ourselves

Even though there might not be
An ounce of love within us
Even though we’d be selfish
And addicted to things

And let me tell you
Believing in God really helps
It really help to pray

Even though you couldn’t believe in God
God will always believe in you
And everybody’s as dear to Him
And there’s always light after dark

There’s nothing so bad in you
That your inner light
Couldn’t be polished from out of there

Find your strength
Learn to forgive
Learn to summer
Let the light shine in you
Strive for goodness
Believe in humanity
In yourself and others

That’s my advice to you
Your life started loooong ago
And death ain’t the end either!

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