Tux Games is a spammer

I received some time ago (don’t remember exactly when, I’ve since deleted that mail) a mail from Tux Games informing me that a mail that I (supposedly) had sent them is being held pending my confirmation that the message is not spam.

Now, I have never ever before heard of Tux Games, so it seems likely that the message being held indeed is spam – and was not, in fact, sent by me. Email source forgery is trivial if you know how the system works, and spammers routinely forge email sender information.

Tux Games is itself engaging in spamming by sending unsolicited confirmation mails to people. I replied to the mail saying so, and asking them to stop doing this. The message bounced.

Today, I received another message from Tux Games. The original message is still in the queue, and has not been read by a human. I am asked to confirm it is not spam. It is tempting to do so.

6 thoughts on “Tux Games is a spammer

  1. Do it! By doing so, you harm the performance of that harmful system and make it more likely that they replace it with something less polluting.

  2. Since “Email source forgery is trivial if you know how the system works”, how do you know that the mail you got really is from Tux Games? Maybe it was a message from a spammer and now you engaged in spamming by replying to the mail. 😉

  3. Cloose, I was a bit unclear, I see. It is very easy to forge sender information, but message route information cannot be successfully forged. The latest message originates from a Tux Games server. Either the message is genuine, or their server is compromised. Either way, they are responsible.

  4. When I receive such messages I follow the process for confirming the message (I received a SPAM, they should receive one too) then I send the challenge message to SpamCop and get them listed as a SPAM source.

    Many other people do the same, the reports I hear from people who run challenge-response systems are that they are always listed as spam sources and that they need a separate IP address for such mail so that they can still send out regular mail.

    SpamCop works.

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