Bariatric surgery approaching

Update: Due to the surgeon being ill, the surgery has been moved back to October 5, 2015. The original blog post follows:

I will be checking in to a hospital for bariatric surgery on August 31, 2015. The surgery is scheduled for September 1.

The plan is to perform the roux-en-y gastric bypass (RYGB), in which the stomach is cut into two pieces. A small pouch is left connected to the esophagus, and the rest of the stomach is cut off from the food flow. A Y-connection is created in the small intestine, allowing both parts of the stomach to connect to it. The main result is a reduction in meal sizes, accompanied with a faster fullness signal and apparently some hormonal changes; some people have reported a change in their taste sense after the surgery. It is not a miracle cure, and I will weigh about as much when I leave the hospital compared to when I enter it.

Studies [e. g. 1, 2] show a significant reduction in overall mortality and improvement in several relevant outcome measures (such as weight loss, diabetes status) in favor of surgery compared to nonsurgical weight management techniques. This is my main motivation for undertaking this surgery.

The operation will be laparascopic and will require several weeks of recuperation time off work.

Comments and questions welcome, but please, be gentle. This is a touchy subject.

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