Dealing with multiple parallel sources of translations

I get translations for dctrl-tools from multiple sources: one translator has direct commit rights to my darcs repository, others bug me; still others use Rosetta (dctrl-tools upstream). On top of this, I just found out that there are active translators working on the Ubuntu branch of dctrl-tools in Rosetta. There have been several cases of different sources of translations having different parts of the programs translated, so it would make sense to combine them somehow.

Dear LazyWeb, how do I combine translations from all these sources?

One thought on “Dealing with multiple parallel sources of translations

  1. Jordi Mallach answered this on IRC:

    11:31  <jordi> ibid: in short, msgcat --use-first is your friend.
                   Order is important, you should add the file you trust mroe 
                   as the first argument.
    11:34  <jordi> ibid: so msgcat --use-first -o complete.po trusty.po
                   lesstrusty.po possiblycrappy.po
    11:35  <jordi> of course "morethanprobablycrappy.po" should just binned :)
    11:35  <jordi> +be

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