Alue status report

In May, I posted about the discussion forum software I am writing, Alue. Since then –

What works:

  • The NNTP interface is essentially complete.
  • There is a rudimentary reading and posting HTTPS interface .
  • Users are able to self-register, manage their own accounts and reset lost passwords using an email challenge system.

What is broken:

  • NNTP control messages.
  • MIME message display in HTTPS (including character set conversions)
  • Web design. Although – all HTML is template-generated, so it’s more a problem with the test installation than with the actual software.

What is missing:

  • HTTPS-based administration
  • Moderation
  • Spam control
  • Email distribution of messages
  • Posting by email
  • Packaging (including proper installation and upgrade procedures)

And it would probably use a proper security review of the code.

If you are interested, go check out the test installation. The code and the test installation templates are available through Git. If you are really brave (and are a skilled system administrator), you might try creating your own installation – if you do, let me know.

This is Alue

I have made a couple of references in my blog to the new software suite I am writing, which I am calling Alue. It is time to explain what it is all about.

Alue will be a discussion forum system providing a web-based forum interface, a NNTP (Netnews) interface and an email interface, all with equal status. What will be unusual compared to most of the competition is that all these interfaces will be coequal views to the same abstract discussion, instead of being primarily one of these things and providing the others as bolted-on gateways. (I am aware of at least one other such system, but it is proprietary and thus not useful to my needs. Besides, I get to learn all kinds of fun things while doing this.)

I have, over several years, come across many times the need for such systems and never found a good, free implementation. I am now building this software for the use of one new discussion site that is being formed (which is graciously willing to serve as my guinea pig), but I hope it will eventually be of use to many other places as well.

I now have the first increment ready for beta testing. Note that this is not even close to being what I described above; it is merely a start. It currently provides a fully functional NNTP interface to a rudimentary (unreliable and unscalable) discussion database.

The NNTP server implements most of RFC 3977 (the base NNTP spec – IHAVE, MODE-READER, NEWNEWS and HDR are missing), all of RFC 4642 (STARTTLS) and a part of RFC 4643 (AUTHINFO USER – the SASL part is missing). The article database is intended to support – with certain deliberate omissions – the upcoming Netnews standards (USEFOR and USEPRO), but currently omits most of the mandatory checks.

There is a test installation at (port 119), which allows anonymous reading but requires identification and authentication for posting. I am currently handing out accounts only by invitation.

Code can be browsed in a Gitweb; git clone requests should be directed to git://

There are some tweaks to be done to the NNTP frontend, but after that I expect to be rewriting the message filing system to be at least reliable if not scalable. After that, it is time for a web interface.