Coloring line art in the Gimp, and some other stuff

I have written a tutorial on how to produce colored comic strip from script to finished image, using pencils, ink, paper, scanner, and the Gimp. It, of course, suffers from the fact that I am myself fairly new to this stuff, but – there it is. I hope someone finds it useful.

Drawing a speech bubble
Drawing a speech bubble

Velisurmaaja — The Brother Slayer

Velisurmaaja was published in Elias Lönnrot’s collection of traditional Finnish poems, the Kanteletar in 1840. It bears some similarity to the British ballad Edward. What follows is the original text, lifted from the tenth Gutenberg edition of Kanteletar juxtaposed with my English translation (which is more concerned with getting the message across than being good poetry). However, I am assured the translation is not beyond redemption, so here it is:

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SF encyclopedic wiki?

I sometime wish I had access to an encyclopedia, written in wiki style so that it could be updated by anybody, that had an article about every SF story and novel ever written, and every fictional concept (like ansible, hyperspace etc) ever used in an SF story, and which crosslinked these in a useful manner.

Often, once I’ve had a worldbuilding idea, I want to go read some of the key stories that use the same or a similar idea, so that I could see what others have already done with the idea. Only it turns out there are no indexes that tell me “antigravity has been used in these ways in SF stories, and it is a central concept in these stories” etc.

Anybody know of something like this?

Not quite an IPSTD contribution

Today is the second International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day. The call is for the publication of professional-quality fiction freely on the web. I’m not a pro, and I am not qualified to judge the quality of my own work, so this quite isn’t properly a IPSTD contribution, but it is offered in the day’s spirit. Enjoy.

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho

I am lucky we don’t have the death penalty in Finland. She tells me she’s glad of that, too.

* * *

I am a Finnish man. As a Finn, I am irritated by that they let all sorts of, hm, dark-skinned beasts that masquerade as human enter this country. They just come, you know, take our money, use it to buy apartments, cars. I know one, hm, dark-skin, who lives a billion times billion times better than I, without working! I get to toil for my meager living, and the kids and the wife hoard it as if it were due to them —

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I won

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho has won National Novel Writing Month in 2005 with his novel THE MAIL SHIP

I won. I completed 50,000 words in time. Of course, only about 13,000 words are directly usable if and when I end up editing the story, the rest will have to be removed – they were imposed by the strict timetable and the explicit leave to lower one’s standards.

But, bottom line:


Ps. Please don’t ask to see the manuscript. It’s not that good 🙂

Pps. My mother won, too. Conga rats!