Wil Wheaton reviews TNG

Y’all remember Wil Wheaton? He was Gordie in Stand By Me, Wesley in The Next Generation, then disappeared, then started blogging, wrote some books, …

Now he’s reviewing Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes (contains spoilers). The first is now available.

Wil’s resentment of how the writers treated his character on TNG has been known for a long time. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the review is Wil discussing the lines he was given:

[….] I also got to say lines like, “So you mean I’m drunk? I feel strange, but also good!” In fact, John D.F. Black — who I didn’t realize at the time hated me — also wrote Justice, where he gave me the awesome line, “We’re from Starfleet! We don’t lie!” Thanks for that one, too, Mr. Black.

But the review is not just snarking agains former bosses, it is a real review. It contains a synopsis (spoilers, beware!), a personal behind-the-scenes memory, a (very!) memorable quote, and an interesting take on the “bottom line”.

I’ve always liked Wil’s writing. This one is not an exception.

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