Ibid’s mush

Serves 2

ca. 1 L bouillon
500 g frozen precooked vegetables (a mixture of e.g. peas, beans, carrot, cauliflower)
ca. 2 cl oil
1 dl rice
1 dl oat bran
100 g meat in small pieces (usually pork or beef)
2 dl red wine
seasonings to taste

Start these “background processes” at the beginning: Heat the bouillon close to boiling point and try to keep it there while preparing this dish (try not to let it boil). Thaw and cook the vegetables by steaming.

Mix rice, bran and meat in an oiled frying pan. Toast these in the pan until the meat is brown at least in the surface. Add the red wine and stir it well. When the liquid has properly soaked in the bran and/or boiled off, add just enough bouillon to make the mixture resembles thin gruel. Let the mixture boil, adding bouillon as required to keep the thin-gruel likeness. Continue this long enough that the rice has cooked properly (the time required depends on the rice variety used). Then stop adding bouillon and boil the mixture down into a thin porridge. Add the vegetables and season to taste.

Serve immediately.

Rough nutrient breakdown

Computed from recipe (assuming pork as the meat) and individual ingredient nutrient content.

recipe E%
Energy 4600 kJ
(1100 kcal)
Carbohydrates 127 g 55 %
Protein 48 g 21 %
Fat 24 g 24 %
Dietary fiber 24 g


Meat can be replaced with TSP. The wine can be replaced with (possibly thinned) grape juice.

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