SF encyclopedic wiki?

I sometime wish I had access to an encyclopedia, written in wiki style so that it could be updated by anybody, that had an article about every SF story and novel ever written, and every fictional concept (like ansible, hyperspace etc) ever used in an SF story, and which crosslinked these in a useful manner.

Often, once I’ve had a worldbuilding idea, I want to go read some of the key stories that use the same or a similar idea, so that I could see what others have already done with the idea. Only it turns out there are no indexes that tell me “antigravity has been used in these ways in SF stories, and it is a central concept in these stories” etc.

Anybody know of something like this?

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  1. That’s a really interesting question!

    You might want to ask on an open thread over at Making Light, where you’ll find a great number of SF authors, editors and long-time fans.

    They’ve been largely unimpressed with Wikipedia as a source of information about SF, and might be open to the general idea.

  2. I never heard of anything like it, but it would surely be sweet to be able to look up such things. Is that a new SciFiPedia I’m smelling? I would collaborate in a project like this even though I haven’t read a whole lot of SciFi (I still haven’t read anything by Asimov, so that should give you an idea).

    But seriously, if a project like this does not yet exist it should definitely be created.
    Quoting the Zen of Python: “Now is better than never. / Although never is often better than *right* now.” So maybe in a couple of months the world will be ready for this…

  3. How about tvtropes.org? It’s more about the properties of fiction than specific works of fiction, but it’s still great for worldbuilding.

  4. Scifipedia doesn’t seem to be there yet but it’s moving in the right direction. My biggest problem with it is that it’s tightly coupled with scifi.com – I would prefer an independent site.

    But thanks for the link. random guy. I was not aware of it.

  5. Indeed, the infoshop sf wiki seems promising, but it desperately needs contributors. It’s not a very good sign of a wiki that its main page’s discussion page has been full of spam for months!

    Thanks, Cable, another link I was not aware of.

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