Planet Debian RSS 2.0 feed is broken

Tollef Fog Heen asks:

Also, why does bloglines link to the completely wrong place on dburrow’s posts? It links to,1999:blog-$blah rather than the real URL.

I think I know why. I don’t know which Planet feed Tollef is reading, but a look at the Planet Debian RSS 2.0 feed is illuminating. Looking up Daniel’s entry, we can find the following sub-element:


Looking at the RSS 2.0 specification, we can find the following note:

If the guid element has an attribute named “isPermaLink” with a value of true, the reader may assume that it is a permalink to the item, that is, a url that can be opened in a Web browser, that points to the full item described by the element. An example:

<guid isPermaLink=”true”></guid>

isPermaLink is optional, its default value is true. If its value is false, the guid may not be assumed to be a url, or a url to anything in particular.

Thus the Planet RSS 2.0 feed claims that, is a valid URL. There is no basis for this claim in Daniel’s Atom feed, as that string only occurs inside an id element, and RFC 4287 specifies that the string cannot be assumed to be dereferencable.

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