I am going to rank MJ Ray low from now on

MJ Ray writes:

There seem to be some 30 or 40 voters who really dislike me, but didn’t tell me that straight, preferring to be silent then vote me down. Are you cowards, or what?

This displays such an antipathy against secret ballots (which protect voters from social pressure, not to mention coercion of various degrees of severity) that I now consider MJ Ray an unacceptable candidate in any future election where I am enfranchised.

By the way, since the election MJ Ray discusses had no None Of The Above option, there is no way to determine if his low rankings were due to dislike or just that there were better candidates.

Added later on the same day:
MJR has responded to this post; his response is linked and reproduced in the comments section.

MJR seems to have missed the subtle hint that his cowardice statement is a form of social pressure itself. In fact, he continues and elevates the pressure in his response, implying that if one is afraid of him, one should not vote (presumably, at least not ranking him low). That these statements are given after the vote has closed is a mitigating factor, but it does not absolve him, as the statements are applicable to any future elections where he is a candidate.

I’m now even more convinced that MJR belongs in the bottom of any ranked vote from me.

4 thoughts on “I am going to rank MJ Ray low from now on”

  1. If you are subscribed to SPI-private, you will know why he was at the end, though 😉

  2. I don’t do subtle and I don’t see “pressure” to *participate* as a bad thing – lots of other projects do it over things that matter much more. I apologise if anyone feels offended by me wondering if there are too many cowardly members or there’s some other explanation, but it’s what I’m wondering. SPI is not clear and straightforward at all.

    I meant to imply that if you are scared of *anyone* (after all, who would be scared of me?) seeing your vote, do not vote at SPI because it is not a secret ballot. Maybe it should be, but today it is confidential not secret. Your vote is stored for future reference, apparently indefinitely.

    Finally, I feel you’re determined to misinterpret anything I write in a futile attempt to justify a vote-by-prejudice bug.

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