PLB – My Cousin Niko

Lataa My Cousin Nico (1:43)
Kuunteleminen vaatii Ogg Vorbis -tuen.

PLB on Atte Romo (laulu, kitara, mix) ja Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho (kitara, taustalaulu, digitaalinen masterointi).

My Cousin Nico

säv & san Atte Romo

Niko’s coming for coffee tomorrow
He’s coming to watch movies with me
Niko’s gonna write a love song
for PLB

Niko gets around with his girlfriend
They’ve been together for a year
But Niko never brings his girlfriend

Niko is my cousin
Niko is my friend
With Niko I never need to pretend

Niko’s three years younger
But the age doesn’t count
Our sense of humor is profound

Niko’s getting his face done
Niko’s getting a new tattoo
Niko’s on summer vacation

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