PLB – So I Declare (I’m Crazy)

Lataa So I Declare (I’m Crazy) (2:02)
Lataa So I Declare (I’m Crazy) [remix] (2:02)

Kuunteleminen vaatii Ogg Vorbis -tuen.

PLB on Atte Romo (laulut, kitara ja mix) ja Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho (kitara, digitaalinen masterointi ja remix). Tämä on ensimmäinen PLB:n piisi tällä vuosituhannella.

Atte on muuten tehnyt aika lailla muutakin musiikkia (ihan studiolaatuistakin). Aten musiikkia löytyy mm. Mikseri.netistä.

So I Declare (I’m Crazy)

säv & san Atte Romo & Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho

The mental health society’s evening get-together
Is my choice of spending time
So I’m not depressed like most folks there
But is that a crime?
There’s food and drink and company
So why not go?
But to blend in I have to put on a face
that only I know

So I declare: I’m crazy

But they tell me: we don’t use that word here
Don’t throw me to no mental institution
Or I could lose my mind for real
All there is to do
is to wait for the next meal
Staring at the wall
With nothing in my mind at all
Being distracted is my job here
I’m afraid that the painting on the wall
Will fall on my back

And you never saw me drink from the ash tray

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