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Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho: I have a request for Planet Debian bloggers

If you have a firm opinion about the latest general resolution vote, please publish your ballot, and an explanation of your reasoning, in your blog (and hence in Planet Debian). Note that the ballots will all be published after the vote, so there is no voter confidentiality protecting your ballot in any case, and hearing your arguments will help people like me, who are undecided, to decide.

I'm not looking to imitate anyone in my voting behaviour, but after the previous vote, I don't trust my personal reading of the proposals to be accurate or at least to reflect the reading that matters.

Julien Danjou already explained his position:
Since I think we have to release Sarge as soon as possible in order to satisfay our users, I have just voted for postponing changes until Sarge is released.
Julien, I would like to ask you to publish and explain your full ballot. There are a lot of options in there, and it is not at all clear, at least to me, how one would order them to bring about a release of Sarge as soon as possible (note that I am as of yet undecided on even whether I want that or not:).

2004-06-19T13:25+0300 - /en/debian

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General Resolution Vote - Thoughts from a Debian User

I am not a Debian Developer, just a user, but for what it's worth, I do have an opinion on the vote. While I feel strongly that the changes to the Social Contract are correct (and just clarifying what should already have been the case), the fact remains that if Debian takes more time to audit Sarge for all non-free documentation, artwork, and other non-programs, then all the while Woody is sitting out there with all the same problems. Better to release Sarge, and then make the non-free purge the primary focus of the next release.

Nevertheless, I do think maintainers should voluntarily start removing what they know about, since it needs to be removed eventually. Furthermore, I think firmware is covered under both the old and new Social Contracts (since it is a program), as well as being a license violation on the kernel and drivers, so it should be removed ASAP.

- Josh, la, 19 kesä   2004 19:20

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